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More and more independent authors are also professional speakers with assistance needs beyond the publishing of their books. For this reason, Cheryl Krass of Alexemi offers speaker support to help speakers effectively and efficiently manage and maximize their business. Successful speakers rely on professional help to handle all the administrative and professional duties that are above and beyond what the speaker does on stage. It is really hard to focus on everything that is going back home in the office when you’re onsite trying to give a great speech and this is where a Virtual Speaker Assistant (VSA) can help!

Here are four reasons speakers find speaker’s assistants invaluable:

  1. There is just too much work for one person. So many new or aspiring speakers have day jobs and they don’t have the time to do all the tasks involved.
  2. A virtual speaker’s assistant can help you ramp up faster. Trained speaker’s assistants understand the industry, the technology and have already established resources and connections.
  3. An assistant frees up your time to focus on what you do best. With a speaker’s assistant the speaker has the freedom to concentrate on those things only the speaker can do, especially writing the best speech he or she can.
  4. There is synergy in a collaborative effort. If you set the timetable, budget, and your intentions, the speaker’s assistant will be there to give you the confidence you are heading in the right direction.

VSA Services Include:

✔ Inventory Speaker’s Source Material.
✔ Get Permissions for Material Not Owned by the Speaker.
✔ Create Multi-Media Presentations – PowerPoints, Webinars, Streaming Videos.
✔ Create Handouts.
✔ Submit Articles.
✔ Understand and Research the Target Audience and Competition.
✔ Coordinate the Speaker’s Web Site and Media Kit – One sheet, bios, images, press releases, testimonials.
✔ Produce Blogs, Newsletters and Coordinate Social Networking.
✔ Manage Lead Generation and Outreach – Media, email campaigns.
✔ Work with Meeting Planners
✔ Coordinate the Physical Logistics of the Speech – meeting room set up, pre-event coordination, day of the event.
✔ WordPress website assistance (development and updates).
✔ Fan Page and Twitter page assistance (development and updates).
✔ Executing a marketing plan and schedule marketing events.
✔ Manage the Speaker’s Calendar.
✔ Researching media opportunities.
✔ Manage the Speaker’s Products and Fulfillment.
✔ Assist with book development and self-publishing process.
✔ And more!

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