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Customized Author Services

“Cheryl Krass has been the indispensable anchor for my first-time venture into self publishing. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I decided to forgo the literary agent, mainstream publisher route and do my book through Lightning Source under my own imprint. I’ve had a web and cover designer, a fact checker, an indexer, proof reader, illustrator (the book has over 40 illustrations), typesetter, and I’m probably forgetting some of the people who have been involved. Cheryl either found the people or worked seamlessly with the people already working on the project.  She read the manuscript, made excellent suggestions, coordinated every one of the necessary functions, dealt directly with Lightning Source, got the ISBN numbers and performed dozens of other tasks too numerous to recount. Without her, the project would still be lurching along. The book is out and now she’s organizing the marketing, promotion, Facebook, Twitter, independent book store distribution, etc.  Cheryl is thoroughly professional, a real pleasure to work with.”
~Neil Fabricant, author of Mike! Wall Street’s Mayor

Publishing Consultation

Just getting started and need help putting together a publishing or book marketing plan? Cheryl offers consulting services to evaluate your project and help you put together a path forward to move your book along. Consulting is offered over the phone in 30-minute sessions.

Virtual Author Assistant Services

Looking for a long-term collaborative relationship to see you through the writing, publishing, and marketing of your book? VAA services are available from Cheryl on retainer.  Retainers are typically 10 hours per month and are payable in advance each month. Click to learn more about Assisted Self-Publishing.

VAA Services Include:

✔ Researching publishing options to find the best fit for your book project.
✔ Publishing company set-up assistance (for authors wishing to become their own publishers).
Lightning Source and CreateSpace interface for self-publishers.
✔ Managing your production team (editor, designer, etc).
✔ Self-publishing, step by step including: Getting an ISBN, bar codes, filing the copyright.
✔ Obtaining Permissions – when you need them and how to get them.
✔ Competitive research.
✔ Audience research.
✔ Printing Estimates/Selecting a printer.
✔ Assisting with listings, Search Inside uploads.
✔ Assistance with Kindle Direct and Smashwords e-book publishing.
✔ WordPress website assistance (development and updates).
✔ Fan Page and Twitter page assistance (development and updates).
✔ Executing a marketing plan and schedule marketing events.
✔ Coordinating book launch events around your publication date.
✔ Researching media opportunities.
✔ Tracking publicity.
✔ And more!

Click to view a sampling of books self-published with the assistance of Cheryl Krass and Alexemi.

Publishing Project Management Services

Looking for help with just one particular phase of your project? Publishing project management services are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Whether you just need help with the final publishing process, or need help with your writing research, Cheryl will work with you to make sure you get the help you need.