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Publishing & Speaking Assistance for the Indie Author


Please Note: Alexemi is not taking on any Virtual Publishing or Speaking Assistance Clients at this time.

Customized Author and Speaker Services

Author Assistance

Alexemi is an independent micro publisher and author assistance service provider, helping indie authors navigate the complex publishing process and bring their books successfully to market. Alexemi owner, Cheryl Krass works with authors to develop, publish and market their books through a variety of customized author assistance, consulting, production and publishing services. Learn more.

Speaker Assistance

Are you a professional author/speaker? Alexemi provides specialized virtual speaker support  focused on speakers who are also independent authors but whose assistance needs extend beyond the publishing of their books. Successful speakers have always relied on professional help to handle all the administrative and professional duties that are above and beyond what the speaker does on stage. It is really hard to focus on everything that is going back home in the office when you’re onsite trying to give a great speech. Your Virtual Speaker Assistant (VSA) can help! Learn more.