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Before you self-publish you MUST read this book!

Recently I was approached by a new non-fiction author to get information on my assisted self-publishing services. She had just completed the first draft of her book and was trying to decide if she wanted to work with a Virtual Author Assistant (VAA) and publish her book on her own, or work with a POD publisher such as Author House. I filled her in how I could help guide her through her publishing adventure, and then recommended that before she do anything further, she RUN to her computer and order The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, Fourth Edition – Everything You Need to Know About the Costs, Contracts, and Process of Self-Publishing by Mark Levine (@PublishingBuzz). I recommend this book to every author I hear who is planning to self-publish! Why? Because I have seen too many authors get burned by POD publishers, lose control over their work, or be left with a mediocre finished product. Recently I worked with an author who wanted to move his title over to his own imprint (it had been originally published through one of the Author House companies). Luckily he owned the cover art since he had that created outside of the POD group, but since he had to recreate the interior files we took the opportunity to hire someone to do a cold read. The errors were incredible, and yes, he had paid thousands for their “editorial and proofreading services”.

In his book, Mark Levine does a fabulous job of highlighting the good, the bad, and the ugly of self-publishing contracts and POD service providers. He even ranks them. I originally read the book when I was becoming certified as a VAA back in 2007 and setting up my own indie publishing company (I had the opportunity to hear Mark on a webinar). Since then, I have recommended it often as a “must read” for new indie authors. They don’t all take my advice but I’m pleased that my most recent referral did. She wrote, “Thank you so much for recommending the Fine Print of Self Publishing.  Just finished the book and it was VERY helpful.  It reinforced information I knew and introduced a lot of new points.  His listing of great to awful publishers was very helpful.” It makes me happy to know that there will now be one more indie author who avoids the pitfalls of jumping into self publishing before educating herself on the options available and what (and WHO) to avoid. Thanks Mark for this great book!


Author Elizabeth E Wilder Launches “Granite Hearts” to a Full House

E. E.Wilder “rocked” the Simpson Meadows retirement community on Tuesday 7/10 when she officially introduced her new historical fiction novel, “Granite Hearts“.

It was standing-room only while the audience listened closely to not only the background of the story itself, but also the historical elements woven into the story.


“What a fabulous presentation, I learned so much,” was repeated by many of the attendees. In addition, Elizabeth (Betty) shared select passages from the book and signed copies for eager readers. Granite Hearts is the sequel to The Spruce Gum Box published two years ago, though as Betty added, “you don’t need to have read The Spruce Gum Box to understand the story-line for Granite Hearts.” Still, for those interested in learning how the story began, we offered SGB for free on Kindle 7/10 and 7/11 in celebration of the new book release.

What’s next for the author? Well, she’s heading to Maine in a couple weeks to start her research for book 3!

Betty shares select passages from “Granite Hearts”

Betty signs books for a long line of readers

My personal Alexemi crew was on hand to help: son Alex took care of the video while daughter Emily greeted guests with giveaways and manned the PowerPoint presentation.



Such a fun event! I’m so proud to have been a part of it and so proud of my super talented mother, Elizabeth Egerton Wilder!!


Interesting Article About Recent Self-Publishing Statistics

Self-Publishing Statistics: Women fare better than men at making money from self-publishing (via ePublish a Book)

The recently published Taleist survey  of  self-published writers gives a fascinating insight in the brave new world of self-publishing. Based on a panel of 1007 self-published respondents, the survey clearly shows that not everyone is equal when it comes to self-publishing. Of these respondents,…

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Indie Author Takes on Bloomberg & NY Times and Gets Mentioned in the NY Times!

Having a book featured in the New York Times is a great accomplishment for any author, but for a newly-published indie author I consider it something worth celebrating! When you consider the fact that the New York Times is not mentioned favorably in this book, it’s an even bigger success. Over the weekend, passionate indie author and one of my fabulous author clients Neil Fabricant did just that. His new book, Mike! Wall Street’s Mayor  published under his own imprint, Hacks & Flacks Press, was included in the Metro Section of the New York Times.

This is what they had to say:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg may be in a position to buy ink by the barrel, but changes in publishing let pop-up critics take him on as never before. The latest effort is “Mike! Wall Street’s Mayor” (Hacks & Flacks Press, $15.95) written by Neil Fabricant, a former president of the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. He sums up the Bloomberg agenda as “luxury for the few, austerity for the many.” The book is accompanied by equally caustic illustrations by Keith Seidel. Proving that there is nothing worse than a tenant scorned, Mr. Fabricant recounts his personal experience with the Bloomberg administration, the sale of Independence Plaza, a state-subsidized housing project in Lower Manhattan. (It was removed from the subsidy program, and the author was seeking to protect tenants from market rents.) He proceeds in a polemical stream of consciousness that evolved from a manuscript in which he envisioned conversations that the mayor “might have had” with his political advisers. The New York Times comes in for some bashing, too, for what he sees as being too fawning, in a book that concludes: “As corrupt as our politics are, there is no alternative to politics. More informed citizens and less money is the answer to that corruption.”

Sam Roberts, New York Times

Congratulations Neil!!


Promoting an E-book? Here are 20 Book Promoting Sites

If you are looking for ways to promote your book, particularly your eBook, you will find this list helpful! Enjoy!

20 additional book promoting sites – part 1 (via ePublish a Book)

The Internet is a vast and lively place where book promoting sites are numerous, so we decided it was time to add more options for authors who have already exhausted the book promoting sites listed under our previous 40 book promoting sites list. To speed up the selection process of teh place authors…

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Books Make Great Father’s Day Gifts!

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, why not give Dad a book to relax with? Here are some suggestions from a few fabulous indie authors I have had the privilege to work with.

For the Crime Thriller lover
Larceny by Salvatore Grasso. “When greed is your mistress and power her aphrodisiac, people become expendable” See the video book trailer here.
Trappedby Salvatore Grasso. “Old money casts a net of deceit to trap the corruptible–the stench of death suffocating them. Eight lives are on a collision course; each tainted by their own twisted version of right and wrong.” Visit the author’s site for more info.

Does your Dad like politics?
Mike! Wall Street’s Mayor by Neil Fabricant. “How Michael Bloomberg with the New York Times sold out the prople of New York to further the interests of the 1%” Learn more here.

Is Historical Fiction your Dad’s favorite?
The Spruce Gum Box by Elizabeth Egerton Wilder may be just the thing. “A Family Forged by Adversity.  A Community United by Dreams.” A heart-warming story about a father’s love for his son set in 1800’s Maine. See the video book trailer here.

If you do pick any of these up, let me know what you think. These authors are truly passionate about their work and I’d love to pass along you comments. Enjoy!


BEA 2012: Self-Published Titles Topped 211,000 in 2011

According to Publisher’s Weekly:

A nearly week-long period filled with BookExpo America events kicked off Sunday at the Javits Center as the uPublishU self-publishing seminar drew nearly 300 people attracted by panels and exhibitors offering the latest developments in the self-publishing field. Those who attended the “The How, What, Where, and When of Print and EBooks” session heard Bowker v-p for publishing services Kelly Gallagher proclaim 2012 to be part of the “golden age of self-publishing,” and provided statistics to back it up; according to Bowker’s newest figures of books produced, last year there were 211,269 self-published titles (based on ISBNs) released, up from 133,036 in 2010.

Click to read the rest of the article from Publisher’s Weekly.


A New Book is Born (well almost)!

I just love when a new book starts to take it’s final form. Today we approved the cover art for the upcoming historical fiction novel, Granite Hearts, that will be available in print and as an ebook by the end of June.

This is the second novel for Elizabeth Egerton Wilder and the early reader reviews are fabulous! I’ll post some of these shortly, but for now, take a peek at the cover 🙂

cover art for new novel, Granite Hearts


Connecting with Readers

Recently, award-winning historical fiction author, Elizabeth Egerton Wilder had an opportunity to spend a sunny afternoon in Downingtown PA signing copies her novel, The Spruce Gum Box, and talking about her upcoming sequel, Granite Hearts.

“It’s great to connect with readers and I’m always surprised by how many have ties with Maine,” commented Betty.

She made sure anyone interested in a Kindle version knew that her novel would be available to download for free on May 23 and May 24. “I just want as many readers as possible talking about the book in hopes they’ll come back for the new story this summer,” she added.

Interested in a Free Kindle Edition of The Spruce Gum Box? Click the link to the left and grab one today!


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