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Beneath Mackerel Skies

Mackerel Sky, Mackerel Sky, Never Long Wet, Never Long Dry.
Change is Coming …

Beneath Mackerel Skies - Front Cover image - copyright owned by Elizabeth Wilder
The American Civil War may have ended but the tragic loss of one of the Ryan boys still holds heavy in the hearts of his family. Little Cece, born after her big brothers went to war, is a wise and knowing child who adds just the bit of glue her family needs to bind them during the hustle and bustle of rapid growth along the Penobscot River in Maine where bigotry towards native Americans continues to run just beneath the surface of everyday life.  Twins, new immigrants from London, bring surprises that turn the static life at Prospect Ferry into unexpected mayhem. Romance, jealousy, brutality, fears, joy and despair mix to affect the family from Fort Knox to Indian Island to Aroostook County. If one dared ask, “What’s next?”  Cece would reply, “I not know.”

The final installment in the “Maine at Heart” trilogy, Beneath Mackerel Skies picks up where Granite Hearts left off and circles back to Smytheville where the story began with The Spruce Gum Box. An epic tale, the series spans several generations and decades of life along the rustic and emerging historic coastline of Maine.

Book Specifications

  • Author: Elizabeth Egerton Wilder
  • ISBN (print): 978-0-9893871-3-2
  • LCCN: 2014946274
  • Publisher: Red Dobie Press
  • Publication Date: September, 25 2014
  • Pages: 408
  • Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5″ (paperback)
  • List price (print): $16.95
  • List price (Kindle): $3.99
  • Available on

About the Author

Elizabeth Egerton Wilder’s debut novel, The Spruce Gum Box, began with her fascination in Maine’s Aroostook River and it’s early pioneers, and evolved over several years through research and daydreaming. While she mused, characters and story lines began to flourish and take on lives of their own. As she puts it, “I knew how the story would start and how it would end, but had no idea what would happen in between.”

The story continued with second novel, Granite Hearts and is now completed with Beneath Mackerel Skies.

Throughout the process of developing her intricate web of characters, the author drew upon stories and people from her childhood along with her varied background in a number of artistic endeavors. She has a BA in Art and Education and has worked as a teacher, needle art designer, colorist, office manager, small business owner, photographer and watercolor artist. She  is also a published poet and believes that bits and pieces of it all, combined with raising her family and her innate appreciation of nature, were all the ingredients needed to fulfill her lifelong goal of writing a book. At seventy-two years young, she achieved her goal. Native of New England, Elizabeth (Betty) now lives in Eastern PA with Cal, her husband of over 55 years.

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