Alexemi Publishing

Publishing & Speaking Assistance for the Indie Author


cheryl headshot 2018[1] copyThe founder of Alexemi Publishing is Cheryl Wilder.  For as long as she can remember, she has had a passion for publishing. Coupled with a love of writing and marketing; publishing was the natural next step in Cheryl’s entrepreneurial career path.

A graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication, Cheryl has over 30 years experience in a number of advertising and marketing positions managing a wide range of promotional assignments and print production projects; from simple flyers to complex catalogs and direct mail campaigns.

Throughout her career in advertising and marketing, Cheryl’s favorite projects were those that allowed her to be on press; checking proofs, talking to the pressmen, and touring the offset machinery to learn all that she could.

When she chose to step away from the corporate world to spend more time at home with her family, she provided volunteer public relations services within her community. She also sat on the Board of Trustees for a local Charter School as its communications officer.  After her hiatus from the corporate environment, she re-emerged in 2007 as an independent business owner with a Virtual Assistance (VA) practice called Equalibrium VA Services, providing remote administrative and marketing support for communications professionals and entrepreneurs. When she started her Virtual Assistance practice she immediately gravitated toward authors and marketers as her ideal clients. Writing + publishing + marketing = the perfect mix for Cheryl. She specialized in her Author’s Assistant services where she helped authors write and publish their books, which led to the development of her next business venture focused on publishing.

In 2008 she founded Alexemi Publishing. When her daughter created a great children’s book concept, Cheryl just knew it had to be a book and it needed to be published while her daughter was still young.  She never planned to write a children’s book but when her daughter Emily created the concept for The Mommy Orphanage, everything changed. Working with Emily on The Mommy Orphanage was a wonderful project to kick off her writing and publishing pursuits: truly a project from the heart. After researching traditional publishers, she decided to apply the expertise from her background in printing and her skills as an author’s assistant, and start her own publishing company named for her two children, Alexander and Emily.  This allowed her to maintain total control over the project and make her daughter’s book a reality.

In working with some of her author clients in her VA business, she soon came to the realization that Alexemi could publish their books as well if the strategies of those authors fit in with the philosophy and capabilities of Alexemi. Now, her primary objective is to help indie authors bring their books to market through Alexemi Publishing Assistance Services, regardless of where they choose to publish.

Although the cornerstone of Alexemi was The Mommy Orphanage, the company is now growing as an independent micro publisher and self-publishing service provider, with new titles now in print and others currently in production. Through Alexemi, Cheryl works with self-publishing authors to develop, publish and market their books. She offers a variety of consulting and publishing services, customized to fit the needs of the author.

In 2013, realizing that more and more professional speakers are also independent authors who may have administrative assistance needs beyond the publishing of a book, Cheryl decided to expand the services provided by Alexemi to include virtual speaker support. She drew from her extensive background as a Virtual Assistant and Author Assistant to then became certified as a professional Virtual Speaker Assistant (VSA). The new services help speakers effectively manage and maximize their growing speaking businesses by receiving the essential administrative support needed to keep them focused on their core strengths and abilities.

“Cheryl’s insights and energy coupled with her creativity and out-of-the-box thinking has made publishing my first work an unqualified success. Cheryl’s dedication to success makes her firm a value-added partner.”
Salvatore Grasso, Author of Larceny and Trapped

“I could not have written my book without Cheryl. She was always there for me and helped me
every step of the way.”
Linda S. Jassmond Lanfear. Author of
Journey to Fitness – Chronicles of a Working Woman

“Cheryl’s efforts in publishing our first book helped our dream become a reality.  She extended herself from the very beginning of the editing and publishing process right through to the very end.”
Christine Simpson and Elizabeth Stiles, Authors of Hiccup Hop and The Backward Farm

In 2017 Cheryl began taking care of business at Brandwidth Solutions where she currently manages and direct science-related marketing projects.