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Author Elizabeth E Wilder Launches “Granite Hearts” to a Full House

E. E.Wilder “rocked” the Simpson Meadows retirement community on Tuesday 7/10 when she officially introduced her new historical fiction novel, “Granite Hearts“.

It was standing-room only while the audience listened closely to not only the background of the story itself, but also the historical elements woven into the story.


“What a fabulous presentation, I learned so much,” was repeated by many of the attendees. In addition, Elizabeth (Betty) shared select passages from the book and signed copies for eager readers. Granite Hearts is the sequel to The Spruce Gum Box published two years ago, though as Betty added, “you don’t need to have read The Spruce Gum Box to understand the story-line for Granite Hearts.” Still, for those interested in learning how the story began, we offered SGB for free on Kindle 7/10 and 7/11 in celebration of the new book release.

What’s next for the author? Well, she’s heading to Maine in a couple weeks to start her research for book 3!

Betty shares select passages from “Granite Hearts”

Betty signs books for a long line of readers

My personal Alexemi crew was on hand to help: son Alex took care of the video while daughter Emily greeted guests with giveaways and manned the PowerPoint presentation.



Such a fun event! I’m so proud to have been a part of it and so proud of my super talented mother, Elizabeth Egerton Wilder!!

4 Responses to Author Elizabeth E Wilder Launches “Granite Hearts” to a Full House

  1. What a wonderful way to send your book into the world!

  2. LJ says:

    I am very proud of all of you!!!!

  3. Marcia Brown says:

    I’m enjoying Granite Hearts immensely! Congratulations, Betty, on another resounding success!

    • Augusta Pettinati says:

      Golly Bette I am so happy for you a nd your presentation was superb. I had a lot of fun. I always loved history and listened with rapt attention. I will be down to pick up my copy. Please make sure I get it before you go on Vacation.
      Much luck and get some rest when you go two Maine.
      My very best

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