Indie Author Takes on Bloomberg & NY Times and Gets Mentioned in the NY Times!

Having a book featured in the New York Times is a great accomplishment for any author, but for a newly-published indie author I consider it something worth celebrating! When you consider the fact that the New York Times is not mentioned favorably in this book, it’s an even bigger success. Over the weekend, passionate indie author and one of my fabulous author clients Neil Fabricant did just that. His new book, Mike! Wall Street’s Mayor  published under his own imprint, Hacks & Flacks Press, was included in the Metro Section of the New York Times.

This is what they had to say:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg may be in a position to buy ink by the barrel, but changes in publishing let pop-up critics take him on as never before. The latest effort is “Mike! Wall Street’s Mayor” (Hacks & Flacks Press, $15.95) written by Neil Fabricant, a former president of the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. He sums up the Bloomberg agenda as “luxury for the few, austerity for the many.” The book is accompanied by equally caustic illustrations by Keith Seidel. Proving that there is nothing worse than a tenant scorned, Mr. Fabricant recounts his personal experience with the Bloomberg administration, the sale of Independence Plaza, a state-subsidized housing project in Lower Manhattan. (It was removed from the subsidy program, and the author was seeking to protect tenants from market rents.) He proceeds in a polemical stream of consciousness that evolved from a manuscript in which he envisioned conversations that the mayor “might have had” with his political advisers. The New York Times comes in for some bashing, too, for what he sees as being too fawning, in a book that concludes: “As corrupt as our politics are, there is no alternative to politics. More informed citizens and less money is the answer to that corruption.”

Sam Roberts, New York Times

Congratulations Neil!!

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